Eyebrow Transplant in Istanbul, Turkey

Eyebrow Transplantation at our clinics in Istanbul is a procedure to reposition the eyebrow for patients who suffer from eyebrow hair loss. Besides it enhances eyebrow density, thickness and definition to achieve desired aesthetic results.

Generally female patients with excessive plucking prefer Eyebrow Transplatation procedure in Istanbul. But sometimes male patients also require this treatment.

During Eyebrow Transplantation procedure at our clinics in Istanbul our specialized doctor extracts patient’s finest hairs individually from the back of the head. Grafts typically include only single hairs, although for individuals with truly fine hair, two-hair grafts are occasionally used for transplantation at the inner club portion of the eyebrow.

Than, the doctor carefully prepares each hair graft and place them with precision in the areas of hair loss in the eyebrow region. It is extremely important that the angles of each eyebrow hair be placed correctly in order to ensure a natural result.

Furthermost, we work with the best doctors who perform Eyebrow Transplantation at our state-of-the-art hair transplantation clinics and technologically advanced JCI accredited hospitals in Istanbul.

Advantages of Eyebrow Transplant in Istanbul

    • Minimally invasive
    • Suitable for both women and men
    • Outpatient procedure
    • Virtually painless
    • Leaves no scarring
    • 100% natural look


    Eyebrow transplantation surgery in Istanbul is an outpatient procedure and generally takes less than 24 hours to recover from eyebrow transplant surgery.

    By the day after your surgery, you should be able to resume most daily activities.

Eyebrow Hair Transplant Cost in Istanbul

    Eyebrow Transplantation cost in Istanbul, Turkey depends on various factors such as:

    • Experience and expertise of the surgeon,
    • Hair transplant technique
    • Number of hair follicles required
    • How much area needs to be recovered to attain the most appropriate result
    • Patient’s age and aesthetic requirements
    • Clinic or hospital chosen for the procedure