Medical Tourism in Turkey

Turkey is first preferred destination for Europeans for healthcare travel. Besides it is among the top 10 medical tourism spots in the world and the sixth most visited tourism destination in the world.

Turkey’s advantages in medical tourism are; the high number of accredited hospitals, affordable prices, high quality service, and being a leading tourism destination with historical, cultural and natural attractions.

Moreover, Turkey is also an important transportation hub where passengers can easily travel more than 300 destinations with direct flights.

Furthermore the Turkish private health care industry has fostered Turkey’s healthcare services standards by investing for state-of-art medical technology.

In Turkey, there are more than 2000 healthcare institutions among these state-of-art hospitals. 61 of them are accredited by JCI “Joint Commission International. Turkish JCI accredited hospitals offer a full range of treatments through a network of locations, employing approximately 150.000 healthcare professionals, where over 15.000 of them are physicians having US Diploma.

Medical Tourism in Turkey with Best Surgery Turkey

Above all, JCI accredited hospitals and renowned clinics are mainly in Istanbul. Especially hair transplant, cosmetic dentistry, plastic and aesthetic surgery and bariatrics clinics, which we partner with, are located in Istanbul’s Sisli and Levent districts.

Hair Transplant, Plastic Surgery, Dental Aesthetics and Bariatric Surgery in Istanbul, Turkey

We obtain more than 10 years of experience in medical tourism, and partner with the largest hospital groups and renowned clinics especially in Istanbul. As Best Surgery Turkey, we recommend the best surgeons and doctors for your Hair Transplant, Plastic Surgery, Dental Aesthetics and Bariatric Surgery treatments in Istanbul, Turkey.

As your medical tourism agency we ensure to assist our patients with choosing the right doctor, medical consultancy and assistance services during surgery,  post-op and recovery in Istanbul, Turkey.

Best Surgery Turkey Doctors’ Group

Finding the right doctor for your treatment on the internet is a risky and time-consuming effort. Doctors Group represent the best of the best in hair transplant, plastic surgery, dental aesthetics and bariatric surgery in Istanbul.

We can provide you with not only one doctor but a selection of the best doctors. We bring together the select group of renowned doctors and well-known clinics also known as Best Surgery Turkey Doctors Group.

Furthermore, we partner with JCI accredited hospitals and luxury clinics with state-of-the-art medical equipment and technology in Istanbul, İzmir, Antalya. Each hospital, clinic and doctor that we work with has a great standing in the medical industry.

Moreover, Best Surgery Doctors Group includes the best surgeons with years of experience, who perform with ethical standards, value patient satisfaction. Most importantly they possess the quality of a good surgeon and a good person at the same time.

Best Doctors and Clinics in Izmir and Antalya

Good news for our patients! We gladly announce that we have also started to partner with renowned doctors, surgeons and clinics in Izmir and Antalya to provide you with a wider choice of treatment options.