Gynecomastia (Male Breast Surgery) in Istanbul, Turkey

Male Breast Surgery or Gynecomastia in Istanbul is the correction of enlarged breasts in men.

Moreover, Gynecomastia surgery in Istanbul reduces breast size, flattens and enhances the chest contours. Therefore Male Breast Surgery in Istanbul creates a more masculine posture for men.

Above all, Gynecomastia should be corrected because it stresses out the patient and may affect his personal and social life.

During Gynecomastia procedure at our clinics in Istanbul our plastic and reconstructive surgeon uses liposuction, direct excision, or a combination of both techniques. He removes the breast tissue and then contours the surrounding soft tissues in order to achieve a more sculpted, masculine chest.

New Technology and Methods in Gynecomastia in Istanbul, Turkey

Above all, we work with the best plastic and reconstructive surgeons who perform Gynecomastia at our state-of-the-art clinics and technologically advanced JCI accredited hospitals in Istanbul.

Gynecomastia with Water Assisted Liposuction (AquaShape) in Istanbul

Gynecomastia with Water Assisted Liposuction (AquaShape) in Istanbul is the perfect method for men seeking to fix gynecomastia due to the more gentle nature of the treatment.

During Gynecomastia with Water Assisted Liposuction (AquaShape) procedure in Istanbul, our surgeon uses water assisted liposuction technique to remove the excess tissue and fat deposits in the chest area without damaging muscle tissue or connective tissue.

Therefore, the result looks natural and allows for normal function and athleticism.

Advantages of Male Breast Surgery (Gynecomastia) in Istanbul

    • Boosts Confidence & Self-Esteem
    • Enjoy a More Masculine Figure
    • Eases Physical Activity
    • Improves Posture


    Gynecomastia in Istanbul is most commonly performed as outpatient surgery and under general anesthesia.

    Most patients feel tired and sore during the recovery after male breast reduction surgery, although this usually passes in a day or two. Many patients return to work within the week.

Gynecomastia Cost in Istanbul

    Male Breast Surgery cost in Istanbul, Turkey is highly cost-effective when compared to other countries. That’s why many patients prefer Istanbul for their plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures.

    Gynecomastia cost in Istanbul, Turkey depends on various factors such as:

    • The experience and expertise of the surgeon,
    • The simplicity or complexity of the procedure
    • Hospitalization time
    • The patient’s age and aesthetic requirements
    • Clinic or hospital chosen for the procedure